E2V: Full Development of Controller Firmware

e2v started the development of its next generation of solid-state modulator, to drive a magnetron to produce RF energy. This is then typically used to build a machine to treat cancer patients using radiotherapy.

Ovation: Optimising CCTV Footage Storage

Ovation required a way to organise recordings on an SD card made by a surveillance camera.

Philips MP4NET: Tool to Replicate Digital Media Streams

Philips MP4NET wanted a tool to replicate distant digital media streams.

Pure Digital: Implementing Internet Audio Streams

For its next generation of DAB digital radios, Pure Digital wished them to be able to play internet audio stream.

SAMSUNG: Controlling micro components

For the latest generation of Android smartphones, Samsung required a subcontractor with specialist knowledge of the Linux kernel.

A-B-Tools: Fast and specialised intervention at short notice

AB-Tools required some modifications made to the icecast music server, but had unfortunately been let down by one of its supplier unable to cope with the difficulty of task.