Ahead of the TrendAn Expert Vision

Thanks to the breadth of experience and talent of our engineers, we are able to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions. After years of experience working on embedded and other bespoke software, we realised the need for an application framework that would make writing applications easy without compromising on performance. The SKAL framework is the result of our thinking. It allows the rapid development of multi-threaded, data-driven, low-latency, high-throughput applications. It can scale from single-core system-on-chip to thousands of nodes distributed over a variety of geographical locations. It also takes away the complexity of writing multi-threading applications. This is made possible by using a single point of synchronisation per thread. Threads exchange messages that can range from a few bytes to gigabytes of data; SKAL handles everything transparently and in the most efficient way. Whether the destination is within the same process, computer or another computer, that makes no difference to the code on either the sending or receiving thread. SKAL also manages multicast-like groups and alarms for the entire system, and thus allows real-time monitoring by external components and corrective actions being taken as quickly as possible (e.g.: someone tripped over a network cable).