Network & data-driven applications

One of core competencies and where we can really empower clients, is at developing efficient multi-site, data-intensive,
low-latency applications.

Complete solution: mechanical/electronics/software

We can also provide a dependable and focused one-stop shop for the complete development of your product from start to finish.


We also offer bespoke training on the following subjects.

Embedded software development

Our expertise in both embedded systems, large-scale applications and everything in between puts us in an ideal position to develop efficient and secure IoT systems.


We can also provide advice on a range of issues.

High-integrity applications

If your product requires a high-integrity software (such as a medical product), we are able to develop embedded software with deterministic behaviour.

Bespoke software development

If you need a custom software being developed for your application or product, you can safely hand over the project to us.